Global leaders are searching for clean, renewable options to provide energy and reduce petroleum use.

Sugarcane has emerged as an important alternative for meeting those needs. This powerful plant is grown in more than 100 countries and holds the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify energy supplies and create jobs.


The brazilian sugarcane industry association (unica)

and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) developed this web site to serve as a global informati on hub on sugarcane products and their economic, environmental and social benefits around the world.

This website is part of a larger partnership between UNICA and Apex-Brasil that aims to promote the benefits of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol in North America, Europe and Asia.

Activities covered by this agreement include participation in international conferences, economic and regulatory intelligence studies, marketing activities, and public relations strategies targeted at key stakeholders.



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Bioethanol helped Brazil avoid 515 million tonnes of GHG over 13 years. On World #OzoneDay we reinforce the role sugarcane ethanol can play in protecting the ozone layer and fight climate change. https://t.co/p96hlaPtwy
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Existing sugarcane-based pathways reduce GHG emissions by 65%, compared to fossil kerosene. Sustainable #biofuels are essential to hit the aviation industry’s ambitious carbon neutrality goals. Find out more! https://t.co/dWp3fQyzIW
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It is estimated $100 billion per year will be needed to finance the green transition. Defining the appropriate structures to mobilise investments will be one of the key issues to be addressed at #COP26. Check out the webinar below for Unica’s view on the matter. https://t.co/Y7KlUvsB4s